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December 2017 Meeting

Dr. Fraud – The Psychology of a Fraudster

June 2017 Meeting

The Changing Landscape of Opiod Use – Dr. Kristen Zeller
Medical Cannabis in MN – Dr. Tom Arneson

March 2017 Membership Meeting – RTW

Bridging the Gap – RTW Challenges for Employers

December 2016 Membership Meeting – Alternative Medicine Presentations

Dr. Jeff Bonsell – Chiropractic vs. Opioids for Chronic Pain Management
Dr. David Moen – Emerging Care Models Driving Better Health
Valerie Overby – Trauma Informed Acupuncture
Cost Effective Integrative Therapies for Absenteeism/Presenteeism

September 2016 Member Meeting
Steve Hine – Director of Research, MN Department of Employment and Economic Development
Power Point – Past Trends and Future Expectations for Employment In MN


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